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China Research

Clients receive our Weekly China Report which analyzes changes in industrial demand, government policy, weather developments, environment issues, and social changes.  Clients also receive all China-related updates.  Consensus coverage is often wrong and misleading, and our Weekly China Reports and updates show where perception is not aligned with reality.

Global Dry Bulk Research

Clients receive our Weekly Dry Bulk Report which is used to anticipate changes that will affect the short-term and long-term dry bulk market. Clients also receive all of our special updates, including our updates on China, Brazil, India, the United States, and the European Union. Our updates often include rebuttals to market misinformation.  Our focus is providing information and views not published elsewhere.

Global Advisory

Our Global Advisory service is a custom subscription through which clients receive updates on specific markets and economies that are most relevant to the client.  Client conference calls and phone consultations also available upon request.

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